What are the salary ranges for a Software Engineer at Microsoft?

Using the Microsoft Software Engineer salary data on the Salary Project, here’s how much a Software Engineer at Microsoft can expect to make, depending on their level of experience.

Base Salary

We can see the following base salary ranges for each Software Engineering level at Microsoft:

  • 59: $111,000 – $117,000
  • 60: $115,000 – $121,000
  • 61: $115,000 – $135,000
  • 62: $128,000 – $128,000 (only one data point)
  • 63: $149,000 – $160,000
  • 64: $177,000 – $177,000 (only one data point)
  • 65–66 (not enough data yet)
  • 67: $230,000 – $230,000 (only one data point)

As you can see, the base salary ranges accelerate upward the higher your level or seniority is. It also looks like the salary ranges at the more junior levels (e.g. 59, 60, and 61) overlap quite a bit.

Additional Compensation

When it comes to additional compensation, Microsoft Software Engineers have a median annual bonus of about $15,000 a year, and a median Stock RSU Grant of about $25,000 a year. This brings the median Total Compensation for a Microsoft Software Engineer to $185,000 a year.

You can use the filters at the Salary Project page for Microsoft Software Engineers to view more details for additional compensation, filtering on location, level, and years of experience.

Understanding a company’s salary ranges helps current and prospective employees understand if they’re getting underpaid, how much to ask for in a raise, and what kind of salary they can expect at higher levels.

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