How much do Software Engineers at Amazon make?

Amazon isn't just some online bookseller anymore. Can you believe this is what the site looked like in July 1995, when Amazon first launched? You can buy almost anything from ...
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Which one of the ride-sharing rivals pays its Software Engineers more: Uber or Lyft?

Uber and Lyft are the behemoths that dominate the ride-sharing market today. Both rely heavily on software and data to make sure their riders (or food, in the case of ...
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How much do Product Managers get paid at Google?

When she just started working at Google, Marisa Mayer placed a bet that she could train smart new grads to become Product Managers. And so, the APM, or "Associate Product ...
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Does Finance pay Software Engineers more than Tech does? Comparing the salaries of Software Engineers at Google vs. “the Google of Finance”

Two Sigma, a quantitative hedge fund based in New York, is colloquially known as "the Google of Finance" because of its startup-like culture and offices. With the Finance and Technology ...
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Netflix Software Engineers earn a salary of more than $300,000

Ever wonder what Software Engineers at Netflix make? You heard that right: Software Engineers at Netflix tend to earn more than $300,000 a year in base salary. In terms of ...
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What is the median salary of a Data Scientist versus a Software Engineer at Google, Microsoft, or Facebook?

Using salary data from the Salary Project, we see that the median base salaries and total comp (TC) for Software Engineer vs. Data Scientist at Google vs. Microsoft vs. Facebook ...
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